When will MotoCrane be available?

     MotoCrane is currently available and we have been shipping pre-order units since September 2017. Units are currently being operated in all regions of the USA, as well as UK, Bulgaria, France, Spain, and Colombia. Please contact us for unit availability at sales@motocrane.com

How much will MotoCrane cost?

     The complete MotoCrane system costs $49,950. Upgrades like the ARMA+ Boom Extension, Dual Controller Upgrade, Speed Rail Mounts and a Wireless Follow Focus unit can be added for additional cost. Systems not including our ACRO Stabilized Head are discounted $4,995. Formal quotations can be requested based on your configuration and shipping preference on our Request For Quotation page. Additional discounts may be available for your region.

How do I order a unit?

     We are currently accepting order inquiries via email at sales@motocrane.com

What are the specs?

     Please see our Specs page. 

How do I try MotoCrane, or get a demo unit?

      We can either connect you with an owner closest to you, or invite you for a private demonstration at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We understand if you need to get your hands on MotoCrane before you place an order. Take your time, we are not going anywhere.

Does MotoCrane support 3rd party heads?

     Yes! MotoCrane can be shipped as a complete system, or without the ACRO Stabilized Head for those who already have a remote head that suits their needs.  While other gimbals may be perfectly suited for handheld use, they are not optimized for wind speeds of 80 mph and we cannot guarantee their performance. The most commonly used heads are the MoVI Pro, Ronin 2, and Shotover G1.

Can the boom be longer?

     MotoCrane ships with the standard boom length of 6'.  The ARMA+ Boom Extension kit is available as an upgrade for $4450.00, and increases the effective reach of the arm to 9'.

Where can I get more information?

     We release all new information via our website, email list, and social channels.  You can find links in the footer.  Please contact us with any additional requests: