When will ULTRA be available?

MotoCrane ULTRA is currently available for reservations worldwide and has started shipping.

ULTRA is built by reservation only. Please contact us for current lead time on new orders.  

How much does ULTRA cost?

The complete MotoCrane ULTRA system starts at $39,950 USD.

Accessories like our 5-piece Flight Case set, Speedrail Suction Grid (SSG) Kit, Power supply solutions, Acc. Power Integrations and Spare parts sets can be added at an additional cost. 

How do I reserve a unit?

Please see our PURCHASE page.

What are the specs?

Please see our SPECS page. 

How do I try MotoCrane, or get a demo unit?

We invite anyone for a private demonstration at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We understand if you need to get your hands on MotoCrane before you place an order. Take your time, we are not going anywhere.  Please contact us at contact@motocrane.com to schedule time for demonstration.

Does MotoCrane support 3rd party heads?

ULTRA is built for integration with 3rd party stabilized heads/gimbals, and supports up to 55 lbs.

Recommended heads: MoVI XL/Pro, Shotover G1, Arri SRH-3, Flight Head Mini, and Ronin 2.

Do you offer financing?

Financing is available through our financing partner, Direct Capital.  Follow THIS LINK to get their contact info or submit your information for instant approval.  Instant approval will pull your credit.  Available in the US only.

Where can I get more information?

We regularly release news and announcements on our social channels like instagram and Facebook.  

You can find links in the footer.  Please contact us with any additional requests.