When will MotoCrane be available?

     MotoCrane will open for pre-orders on February 8th, 2017.  First units will ship in July.

How much will MotoCrane cost?

     The MotoCrane Launch Package will sell for $39,500.  We are only selling the Launch Package at this time.

How do I reserve a unit?

     Place a deposit of $5,000 USD on Feb 8th to secure your spot in line.   The deposit is 100% refundable until the product ships.

What are the specs?

     Please see our Specs page. 

How do I try MotoCrane, or get a demo unit?

      We want you to get your hands on MotoCrane as soon as possible. Our demo units are expected to be ready at the end of March, and we will work to get them into as many hands as possible. Because of the high demand, demo units will be prioritized to customers who have placed orders in the order that they were received. For that reason, we will also be extending an invitation to anyone who would like a private demonstration at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We understand if you need to get your hands on MotoCrane before you place a pre-order. Take your time, we are not going anywhere.

Does MotoCrane support 3rd party heads?

     At this time, MotoCrane only supports it's proprietary ACRO Head.  While other gimbals may be perfectly suited to handheld use, they are not optimized for the harsh winds of 80 mph and we cannot guarantee their performance.

Can the boom be longer?

     MotoCrane will ship with the standard boom length.  We are working on a boom extension kit that will be backwards compatible with all MotoCrane units.

Where can I get more information?

     We release all new information via our website, email list, and social channels.  You can find links in the footer.  Please contact us with any additional requests: