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The base price for the GEN3 MotoCrane system is $49,950.00 USD. Please select from the available upgrades/options below for accurate pricing.
ARMA+ Boom Extension
This kit includes (1) ARMA+ Boom Extension, (1) Extended Fairing, (1) Stabilizer Linkage Extension, and additional Counterweights
Dual Controller Upgrade
This upgrade includes (1) additional MotoCrane Command Console, and (1) additional 10' LEMO Cable
Speed Rail Mounting
For semi-permanent installation, hardware can be provided for mounting to speed rail or similar sized tubing. These parts are interchangeable with the included vacuum feet + straps.
ACRO Delete
Use the ARMAdapt Head Adapter (included) to use Movi Pro or Ronin 2 in place of the ACRO Stabilized Head.
48v V-Lock Array
This module allows x4 V-Lock batteries to be used as a power supply.