Included Accessories | All cables, safety pins, wrenches, strap harnesses

iOS App | ARMA Dashboard and ACRO Assistant

Certifications | CE, RoHS, UL

Max Payload | 15kg/33 lbs

Range of Motion | ARMA: Unlimited Rotation, 30 deg down, 45 up

                              |ACRO: Unlimited Rotation, Tilt & Roll: 180 deg

Supported Cameras | Red: Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Weapon, Dragon

                                   | ARRI: Mini

                                   | Blackmagic: URSA Mini, Cinema Camera, BMPCC

                                   | Sony: FS7, FS5, F5, F55, F3, A7S

                                   | Canon: C100, C300, C500, 1D C, 5D MkI-III

                                   | Panasonic: GH3, GH4 GH5




Max Speed | 80 MPH

Max Acceleration | 1g lateral, longitudinal

Lens Height from Roof | 3' above, 3' below

Boom Length | 6' from center, 9' total

Max Controlled Speeds | ARMA: 10 sec 360º Swing, 8 sec Lift

                                         | ACRO: 1 sec 360º Pan

Operating Temp | MIN: -30ºF, MAX: 120ºF  *Over-heat protection

Weather | Water resistant IP54



Power Input | 48V Input, 12V and V-Lock conversion options available

Roof | Flat, glossy mounting points (non-fabric, non-glass)

ATLIS Area | 3'x3' MIN, 4.5'x4.5' MAX

Suction Cups | 6 inch diameter, 70 lb load rating each (x4)

Security Harness | Straps to wheel fenders rated to 300 lbs each (x4)



SYSTEM | 135 lbs unloaded, 270 lbs fully loaded (including max payload), 

ATLIS Base | 65 lb unloaded weight

ARMA Boom | 60 lbs unloaded weight

ACRO Head | 10 lbs unloaded weight


Wireless | None

Energy Storage | External battery, user provided. Options available

Intra-Module Connectors | LEMO K Series

ATLIS Connections | 4K LEMO Power input, 2K LEMO Signal input

ACRO Connections | D-Tap

Accessory Power | 200W D-Tap

Internal System Voltage | 48V